1. What are the unique advantages of SCA in comparison with those of other schools?


Founded in a background of bilateral cooperation between China and Singapore, SCA is conceived by China-Singapore Knowledge City (CSGKC) as an institution developed for the learning and sharing of successful experience in the area of education.

l  SCA is the only member of Hwa Chong Family of Schools in China.

SingChin Academy is both the first member of Hwa Chong Family of Schools set up outside Singapore and the only member of the Family in China. It will be placed under the direct stewardship of Hwa Chong International School to adopt the methodologies and characteristics of Hwa Chong Family. As alumni of this family, our students will have opportunities to take part in exchange programs with their peers from other member schools.

l  SCA has access to the resources in CSGKC

Sited in the bilateral project between China and Singapore, our school has easy access to the resources in CSGKC as a central platform for international academic communication and R & D innovation.

l  SAC aspires to a new level of excellence on the strengths of glorious heritage

Through the past century Hwa Chong Family of Schools has nurtured many leaders in the highest echelons of research, industry and government and achieved distinguishing performances in Cambridge Advanced Exams and International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. Majority of our learners were admitted into the top 100-ranking universities including Peking University, Tsinghua University, The National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Princeton, Yale and Imperial College London. As a member of Hwa Chong Family, SCA will draw on our prominent strengths to build a gateway to the renowned education institutions for Chinese students.IB,

2. When will the school open?

The South Section of SCA campus will start operation by the end of 2020 for the opening of school in the autumn semester of 2021. The North Section will start operation by the end of 2021. 20202021

3. What are the conditions for valid applicants?

There are no restrictions on nationality and location of household registration for students who apply for admission in the autumn semester of 2021.

4.What types of curriculum does the school offer?

The paradigm of education, formulation of curriculum framework, development and compilation of courses, organization and assessment of the faculty team will be managed by Hwa Chong International School. Joint research projects on teaching and student exchange programs for immersion studies will be conducted among the Hwa Chong Family of Schools.

5.What are the backgrounds and qualifications of the educators at SCA?

The Education Superintendent of Hwa Chong International School will be the Education Superintendent of SCA; Hwa Chong Family of Schools will appoint senior faculty members to take up the positions of headmasters, principals and dean of studies at SCA; teachers both of Chinese and foreign origins are hired by way of professional recruitment networks across the globe to form a top-class team. Foreign teachers must hold the teaching qualification certificate issued by the native countries while Chinese teachers must be equipped with Chinese national certificate for teaching qualification and proficient bilingual skills for communication. SCA will provide various additional trainings for the teachers both on and outside the campus.

6.How many students are there in each class?

There are no more than 26 students in each class.

7.Does the school provide boarding facilities?

The students have both boarding and non-boarding options. The school offers international top-class boarding facilities where a standard dormitory accommodates four students, dorm teachers supervise and take care of the boarding students and security services are maintained around the clock.

8.How to collect more information on the school and make reservations for campus tours?

The first session of SCA TALKs will be held on December 12th 2020. Please scan the following QR code to sign up for attendance. For more information on SCA.


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